A Grade Type A Natural Pastel Lavender Green Jadeite Jade Donut Pendant No 170502

13 2mm A Grade Type A Natural Green And White Jadeite Jade Beaded Bracelet Necklace No 190075

A Grade Type A Natural Green Jadeite Jade Buddha Pendant No 170583

Gem Gardener Burmese Jade Bangle 58mm Lavender Jade Type A Jadeite Very Translucent

Hkjsl Certified Apple Green Imperial Green Jadeite Jade Fei Cui Type A From Burma

Pixiu Green White Jadeite Jade Type A

Mint Type Grade A Thick Green Icy White Translucent Jadeite Jade Bangle 54.91 Mm

   Mint Type GRADE A Thick Green Icy White Translucent Jadeite Jade Bangle 54.91 mm. Jadeite : 100% Genuine Natural Stone. Measurements below via Caliper (NOT via ruler). Bangle Inner diameter: 54.91 mm. Outer diameter: 70.53 mm. Treatment : GRADE A - None, Unheated, Untreated, Not Dyed. Comments: Very translucent icy texture with a splash of opaque forest green! This bangle is made from a natural untreated A GRADE jadeite jade boulder. Natural healed stone-lines that are hard to spot when worn are present. One part of the bangle is slightly thinner than the rest of the bangle, which...

Imperial Green A Grade Type A Natural Jadeite Jade Bamboo Carving Pendant No 170430

Natural Glassy Imperial Green & White Gourd Jadeite Cabochon X 2 Type Grade A

   Type A Glassy Imperial Green & White Jadeite Gourd Cabochon Gem Stone X2. Natural Jadeite , Type A (natural color, untreated). Glassy Imperial Green & White. The size of each cabochon is approx. These 2 gourd cabochons make a perfect match for any design of earrings/rings/pendants. The color of the imperial green cabochon is dense and even. The clarity of the white cabochon is so good that it just looks like a piece of ice! The luster of both cabochons are perfect. These gem stones will complete all your creativity and make a perfect addition to your collections! Thanks ...

Reduced! Certified Glassy White Green Hue Jadeite Peony Flower Stone Type A

   Certified Type A Glassy White Jadeite Peony Flower Gem Stone. [Comes with certificate to guarantee the authenticity of the stone]. Glassy White with Green Hue. This is a very beautiful jadeite stone in Glassy texture. The stone is transparent and the luster is very good! This gem stone will be perfect for all kinds of designs , such as : necklace , pendant or bracelet. In China , Peony flower represents fortune and its a very popular carving subject in jadeite/coral art. Thanks for your time and enjoy your shopping! Since it's registered [with signature confirmation], it's safe....


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