1.85 Chinese 18k White Gold Pendant With Carved Green Jadeite & Diamonds (8g)

   Deco Style Chinese 18K White Gold Pendant with Green JADEITE & Diamonds. Out of a Local Estate. This is Opaque Mottled Dark Green Jadeite Jade. Carved to depict a Qilin, Dragon, or other Beast on top & an Eternal Knot inside. 38.5mm x 23mm x 2mm thick Jadeite Dangle Eternal Knot, approx. 17mm long x 12mm wide x 1mm thick. 75 Round cut accent Diamonds, approx. 1.2mm to 1mm each. Mounted in 18K White Gold marked " 18K Eva " on the bale. Total weight of 12.5 grams. Total pendant length of 1.85 long x. Good Condition with use wear & minor jadeite abrasions / tiny edge ...

Gia Certified Green Jadeite 18k White Gold Diamond Bird Flower Carving Pendant

   GIA CERTIFIED GREEN JADEITE 18K WHITE GOLD, NUMEROUS SING CUT NEAR COLORLESS DIAMONDS BIRD FLOWER CARVING PENDANT. Stunning Beautiful Natural Mottled Green Jadeite Jade and Diamond in 18K White Gold Pandent. Stone Dimensions 37.03 X 24.75 X 4.47 mm. Overall Dimensions 48.66 X 24.75 mm. All pieces that have been listed have all been tested to verify natural, refractometer reading and/or magnification only. Please note this does not preclude the fact that some piece could be dyed or polymer treated and are stated as natural of the material only. If it is verified that the jade has not ...

Horse Eye Translucent Apple Green Jadeite Jade 18k White Gold Diamond Pendant

  Horse Eye Translucent Apple Green Jadeite Jade 18K White Gold Diamond Pendant. Hong Kong Certified Horse's Eye Old Type Rich Translucent Apple Green Jadeite Jade Solid 18K White Gold Diamond Pendant Total Weight: 63.34 ct. Best view to get the closest color is Apple products: iMac, iphone or ipad. They come out with the best result. We suggest NO Samsung products in our auctions please because their products don't show the actual color of our items in the pictures. Thank you very much for your attention. Please be sure to know the exact dimensions, the weight, and read the certificate. ...

Natural Icy Green Jadeite Buddha Jade Diamond Pendant Necklace 18k Gold 210 5ct


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