Waxy White Floating Green Jadeite Bracelet

Cert'd Natural Icy White Floating Green Buddha 18k Gold Buckle Jadeite Pendant

   Cert'd Natural Icy White Floating green Buddha 18K gold Buckle Jadeite PendantGrade A. 100% Genuine Natural "Grade A" Jadeite Jade. (Length) , 24.0mm(Width) , 8.0mm. 100% Natural and Untreated (A). The Jadeite showing up on market presently can be classified into A jade, B jade and C jade. A- jade indicates the natural jadeite without undergoing any artificial treatment, alteration or enhancement. Such a kind of natural jadeite does not change with the passage of time. It can be preserved forever and wears well. B- Jade is defined as the natural jadeite having undergone a process...
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