Chinese Jade And Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelets

Pure Light Green Jade Bangle Grade A Jadeite Bracelets Gemstone Jewelry 4912 54mm

#738 Antique Jadite Matched Pr. Bangle Bracelets White Withrust Red Saddle & Green

   Matched pair of princess carved bangle bracelets. White jadite with bright apple green bloom throughout. And natural un-enhanced RUST RED saddle on each piece. These are carved and split from a single slab of jadite and the rust red saddles can be lined up easily to match the pieces. ONLY PAIR IN MY ENTIRE COLLECTION TO BE MATCHED BY THE SADDLE! WHITE JADEITE with BRIGHT APPLE GREEN BLOOMS and RUST RED SADDLES. And has never been owned or worn by anyone. This piece is a highly desireable and rare small size. 55.37mm across the center opening. This piece is natural, untreated, unprocessed,...
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