A Grade Type A Natural Light Green Jadeite Jade Bird Peach Pendant No 170576

Gia Certified Green Jadeite 18k White Gold Diamond Bird Flower Carving Pendant

   GIA CERTIFIED GREEN JADEITE 18K WHITE GOLD, NUMEROUS SING CUT NEAR COLORLESS DIAMONDS BIRD FLOWER CARVING PENDANT. Stunning Beautiful Natural Mottled Green Jadeite Jade and Diamond in 18K White Gold Pandent. Stone Dimensions 37.03 X 24.75 X 4.47 mm. Overall Dimensions 48.66 X 24.75 mm. All pieces that have been listed have all been tested to verify natural, refractometer reading and/or magnification only. Please note this does not preclude the fact that some piece could be dyed or polymer treated and are stated as natural of the material only. If it is verified that the jade has not ...
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